Providing Fire and EMS services for the City of Avon.

Avon Fire Department

Chief Frank Root III

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Welcome to the Avon Fire Department web site.


The Avon Fire Department serves the City of Avon, a rapidly growing city approximately 20 miles west of Cleveland. We provide fire protection and paramedic service for 21,193 residents. We are a young progressive department that went full time in 2003.


Above and beyond emergencies, we are very service oriented towards our residents, offering many extras such as CPR, child car seat inspections, seniorís lock box program, and station tours. We also will attend block parties when requested.


Our department works hand and hand with other Lorain County fire departments to provide numerous specialty rescues. We have personnel trained for rope rescue, rescue diving, ice rescue, swift water rescue, confined space rescue, building collapse rescue, trench rescue and haz mat.


Iím sure that you will find that the City of Avon is wonderful place to live and raise children, and you can be assured that they will have the finest in fire protection and emergency medical services.


†††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† Chief Frank Root



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Dispatcher Toni Konowal

Toni Konowal Retiring!

Dispatcher Konowal started dispatching full-time at Oberlin Police Department in 1977. She was hired full-time at Avon Police Department in March 1981where she continued part-time in Oberlin for four years.


Dispatcher Konowal started as a full-time dispatcher for Avon Police Department at the original city hall on Detroit Road . At that time, the police department had three full-time dispatchers, and auxiliary officers helped fill in for dispatch duties. Dispatcher Konowalís duties covered all shifts (nights, days, afternoons).† Eventually, she became the senior dispatcher and was placed in records and handled the Chief and Administrative duties.


When the City of Avon Fire Department went full-time in July 2003, Dispatcher Konowal had the opportunity to move to a full-time secretary dispatch position under Chief Frank Root, Jr.† Dispatcher Konowal established all the record keeping, fire prevention files and administrative and budgetary duties. During her last years with the Avon Fire Department she assisted Chief Frank Root, III with an easy transition into his position.† After spending the last 11 years with the Avon fire department, Dispatcher Konowal will have a total of 38 years in public service with the majority of that proudly serving the City of Avon.


Our beloved Toniís last day is Wednesday, November 26, 2014.† She will be missed, but she promises to visit!† Thank you for your service!